Lofoten Masters


Recap 2013


Results Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters 2013 

1. Luca Petersen Guichard | Norway/Portugal
2. Remi Pettersen | South-Africa
3. Freddie Meadows | Sweden
4. Timothy Latte | Sweden


1. Gilvanita Ferreira | Brazil
2. Jannicke Aasen (1. plass NM) | Norway
3. Åse Ødegård (2. plass NM) | Norway
4. Camilla Pedersen (3. plass NM) | Norway


Norwegian Champions Open
1. Åge Obrestad
2. Andreas Møgster
3. Lars Monsen
4. Mikael Bones


Masters (35+)
1. Shane Desmond | USA
2. Fernando Odrio | Spain
3. Dudu Melao | Brazil/Norway


Norwegian Champions Masters (35+)
1. Frode Goa
2. Rune Westre
3. Erik Hammer
4. Ronny Olsen


Lofoten Masters Longboard
1. Roar Berge | Norway
2. Julius Vegas | Norway
3. Katrine Røed | Norway
4. Per Benjaminsen | Norway

Lars Benjaminsen
Anker Frantzen
Ole Benjaminsen
Pia Breivik


Footage and video available soon...



Third competition day - Saturday

Updated: 01:50 Friday 12. october 2013

Most likely finals will be at Unstad saturday.

Finals of Lofoten Masters starting at 10:00 saturday morning. Live stream and live scores didn't work out as planned friday, but we are giving it a new try in the finals. Friday we runned the comp at two different places making it hard hard to keep up with the communication and organisation.

Tune in http://lofoten.live-scor.es/ and enjoy Tommy Gomes Olsens LIVE SHOW from the finals of Lofoten Masters 2013. It will be EPIC!!!



Second competition day - Friday

Updated: 02:00 Friday 11. october 2013

Friday the competition will start at both Unstad and Flakstad at 9 am.

Flakstad: Starting with Longboard and running to the semi finals. Then the two semies of ladies, and then running the junior heats.

Unstad: Starting with Open Lofoten Masters (foreigners) and running the comp all the way included the quarter finals. After this we run the Open in Norwegian Championships to the semi finals. Last one out will be the Masters (35+).

Heat setup for friday here...>

LIVE STREAM from UNSTAD: at http://lofoten.live-scor.es/ We will try to do the live scores.

Most likely finals will be at Unstad saturday.




First competition day - Thursday

Updated: 07:41 Thursday 10 october

Thursday will start with the Norwegian Championships Mens Open, R1 and R2. Competition starting 08:00 am sharp. R1 and R2 will be run back to back. Each heats lasts 20 min. 2 heats will be run at a time and  18 heats wil take ca 3 hours. These are only estimates.

After norwegian mens, the norwegian womens R1 will be held, following mixed masters(35+)

Heat setup Open norwegians R1

Heat setup Ladies R1

Heat setup Masters(35+)

Open with foreigners will run friday.

LIVE STREAM (set up during the day) at http://lofoten.live-scor.es/




Tickets for Lofotr friday and saturday?

Get tickets and pay Entry fee for Lofoten Masters 2013 here...> Competitors: everything in the program included in the entry fee.



List of registered participants for Lofoten Masters 2013.. Only one month left for the competition.




Cash prizes

Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters is offering cash prizes totaling $10,000 USD

Cash prizes in Norwegian Krone (NOK) and USD (approximate)

Open - total 40.000 NOK (6.700 USD)
#1.: 15.000 NOK (2500 USD)
#2.: 7.500 NOK  (1250 USD)
#3.: 5.000 NOK (840 USD)
#4.: 4.000 NOK (670 USD)
#5.: 3.000 NOK (500 USD)
#6.: 3.000 NOK (500 USD)
#7.: 3.000 NOK (500 USD)
#8.: 3.000 NOK (500 USD)

Ladies - total 20.000 NOK (3.350 USD)
#1.: 10.000 NOK (1670 USD)
#2.: 5.000 NOK  (840 USD)
#3.: 3.000 NOK (500 USD)
#4.: 2.000 NOK (330 USD)

Cash prizes are divided between Ladies and Open according to previous years numbers of participants at Lofoten Masters



In the coming weeks, more information will be posted on the website.

In the meantime, you can contact us if you have any questions.

-Lofoten Masters Crew-


Press release

Lofoten Masters Announces 7th Annual Surf Competition in Arctic Norway

Northern Beaches of Unstad, Flakstad Chosen for October 2013 Event

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